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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  March 18, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now, final preparations are being made for an execution tonight. he's convicted of killing a teenaged girl and then bragging about it to prosecutors. it is tax time, and maryland officials want you to know who owes the state millions of dollars in back taxes. i . temperatures expected to climb well above normal for the next four days. "news 4 midday" begins right now. good morning and welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm eun yang in for barbara
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harrison. thursday, march 18th, 2010. a new story, a list of names that have earned a dubious distinction. the state of maryland calls them tax scofflaws, people and businesses that owe a total of nearly $8 million and still haven't paid up. news 4's elaine rand joins us how authorities are cracking down. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. maryland tax officials tried ev their list, liens, garnishing wages and now they are turning to a program that's been successful in the past for them by publishing those names of all those offensive enders. now, take a look. this is the top five individual tax offensive enders. they are -- the state of maryland -- they owe the state of maryland, rather, money in the six-figure range. now, this program is called caught in the web. three local businesses are also in the top five. they include swingline management group in gaithersburg, enm enterprises in bethesda, maryland, and fmi
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construction out of hyattsville, maryland. of course with all the budget cuts, the layoffs and all the furloughs we've been hearing about, maryland officials say right now they need every dollar. >> what does it say to people that pay their taxes when they see folks like this just continue to be untouched? well, these folks reason going to be. they're going to be either shamed into paying or, you know, we'll take further legal action. >> reporter: they say that this is their last resort. this program in the past has collected over $25 million in the past ten years. you can find a complete list of all the offensive enders, the top 50 individuals and the top 50 businesses in the state of maryland at www.m.arylan elainery yes, sir, news 4. a 16-year-old girl stabbed in the heart, her little sister
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raped and left for dead. tonight the man responsible will be put to death. his name is paul warner powell. he is set to die by electric chair at the greensville correctional center in jarrt. in 1999, powell killed 16-year-old stacey reed in her manassas home, then attacked her 14-year-old sister, gracie, raping her and slashing her throat. christy reed survived. she and her mother will watch powell's execution tonight. >> all i can say is justice prevailed. >> i'll be more happy when he's gone. >> virginia's supreme court originally overturned powell's death sentence and his response turned out to be his undoing. powell wrote letters taunting prosecutors and revealing new details about the attack. he was convicted again in 2003. extra security is on the campus of virginia tech today as the school faces threats of another attack. but police do not believe the threats are credible and class was not canceled. the threats were from e-mails and internet postings originating in italy.
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authorities believe the posts are from the same person that made threats earlier this month and in october. some referred to a possible attack today. in 2007, virginia tech stunt killed 32 people on campus, then committed suicide. in just about one hour, march madness 2010 officially gets under way. here in washington, georgetown fans are anxiously awaiting their team's appearance. the hoyas take on ohio university tonight in providence, rhode island. georgetown is number-three seed in the midwest region, which is considered by most college basketball experts to be the hardest in the tournament. still, many fans including d.c. mayor adrian fenty are pretty confident. this morning the mayor gave us his final four. >> i know i've got georgetown and a couple other big east teams. >> villanova, you said, right? >> villanova, west virginia. and i can't remember who's in the bottom left bracket. also i have maryland going to the final eight. >> all right. it would be nice to see maryland playing georgetown. >> that is going to be great. >> be a good game.
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>> georgetown, of course. >> wishful thinking. georgetown takes on ohio university tonight at 7:25 p.m. university of maryland fans have one more day to prepare. the terps play the houston cougars tomorrow night at 9:40. it's now 11:05. a look outside, it is just gorgeous, the sun shining through with a warm afternoon ahead. let's get our first forecast from tom. hi, tom. >> great day to shoot some hoops. we've got beautiful blue sky with sparkling sunshine, great day to do a bike ride or take your toddler to thepark. right now, 58 in washington, near 60 in prince george's county, arlington, fairfax, montgomery countys near 60 and it is near 60 just about everywhere except near the bay. any wind off the water is chillier. annapolis is a chilly 51 right now. eastern shore has climbed quickly. it was just a little above freezing there this morning, now in the upper 50s. it was below freezing in the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. they're into the mid-40s.
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clear sky here, just a little bit of cloudiness across southern maryland, and just into the lower part of the eastern shore, there is a little bit of rain around the outer banks and that will be moving away from the region has the day progress progresses. so for the rest of the day, sunny and mild, a light wind out of the northwest, and highs reaching the mid and upper 60s this afternoon. a look at the rest of the week, friday and the weekend, and a look into next week, too. that'll be coming up in just a few minutes. eun? >> tom, thank you. and if you get a chance today, you'll want to get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather. news 4 talked with a lot of people doing just that. good morning. >> reporter: we're expecting the warmest day this year so far, so it's only mid-march, but with the winter we've had, don't fault us if we try to rush things a little. >> i definitely would be. it's absolutely beautiful out here so, the humidity is low, the sun is shining. can't ask for anything better than that. >> yes, even before the
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temperature reached its peak, there were signs of spring, lots of hanging out by the water, dining al fresco. and even some yard work. now, instead of trying to stay in and keep warm, people are looking for ways to get out and enjoy. >> just walk around the mall, look at some of the different places here, probably go to the bureau of engraving and printing today. >> reporter: and this behavior, that would have been frowned upon just days ago, running around in short sleeves and short pants, no less. today it's okay. even if the cherry blossoms aren't ready to come out, we certainly are ready to come out of our winter shells. >> we're already out here walking. we were out here yesterday afternoon. it's gorgeous weather out here. >> reporter: although one who knows the weather around here does offer a caveat. >> looking at the weather, looks like we'll probably get one more cold snap, looking at stuff coming in from the west. >> reporter: so don't be surprised over the next few days if you don't see less of the winter wear and more of the people wearing it. on the mall, derrick ward.
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back to you. >> and jerry edwards has an update on the midday traffic. how is it looking, jerry? >> i hate to be a crasher here but let's take a live look and let you know what's going on. this will kill you on on the beltway in northern virginia, roadwork, the inner loop and outer loop generally in the stretch between springfield and i 66. far right side of your screen, the outer loop, the beltway, jammed coming from 66. left side, the inner loop, and again the unclear lane markings approaching the i-66 interchange really causing a lot of confusion. so not pleasant, i'm sorry to say. let's head over and see in college park, maryland, not bad at all. both the inner loop and outer loop appear to be moving along pretty well right now between green belt and silver spring. we'll keep you updated. >> thank you. an alert for parents. the government is recalling more than 1 million high chairs because they could be dangerous to children. this recall concerns the graco
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harmony high chairs. the government says the screws holding the front legs can fall out. in addition, the plastic brackets can crack, causing the high chair to tip over. there have been 24 reports of injuries. the government says parents should stop using the high chairs immediately and contact them the company for a repair kit. new information released just in the past few hours on the health care reform bill. coming up, democrats put a price tag on the bill that could be voted on this weekend. >> i knew my parents might have more kids one day, but not in the bathroom. >> she's calm now, but it was a scary day when her mother gave birth on their bathroom floor. more from the 911 call just ahead. and with spring comes allergies. but can you tell the difference between the common cold and hay fever? we'll run down the symptoms.
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in just minutes, president
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obama will sign a new bill into law that's expected to create tens of thousands of new jobs. the president will sign the $17.5 billion hire act in the rose garden. the bill was passed by the senate yesterday. it will give a temporary tax break on payroll taxes to companies that hire the unemployed. it's estimated the new law could generate some 250,000 jobs by the end of the year. this morning, house democrats released e d death tails of the health care bill. they say it will cost $940 billion over ten years. this information was released after democratic representative dennis kucinich announced he now backs the bill. he voted against an earlier version. that's a big step toward the 216 votes needed to pass the bill. the last major hurdle, getting the congressional budget office score that spells out what's in the bill and how much it costs. house leaders want to plug in those numbers before they release the legislation to the public. >> i want to see the congressional budget office numbers, and i want to see the language of the text before i
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commit to another health care bill. >> democrats promise not to vote until 72 hours aft the cbo numbers are published, so the earliest there could be a vote is sunday. virginia attorney general kenneth cuche nelly is threatening a lsuitf house democrats go through with an unusual plan to pass health care reform. he wrote a letter to speaker nancy pelosi urging her not to use the deem and pass rule. it allows lawmakers to push legislation through without a direct vote. both political parties have used it in the past but not with anything this monumental. he says it's unconstitutional to use a procedure the way democrats have proposed. new claims from the group of northern virginia men facing terrorism charges in pakistan. they allege torture by pakistani officials. news 4 obtained a letter one of the men wrote to his family. in it he claims they were blindfolded and beaten before being taken into custody. he also claims pakistani authorities wouldn't let them sleep, denied them food and
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water for 36 hour, and threatened to electrocute them. >> if these allegations are true, it's going to call the judicial process into question. we ask the government to investigate these serious allegations of torture and exacting continue fegs by force. >> the trial could begin in two weeks. if convicted, the men, ages 18 to 24, could spend the rest of their lives in a pakistani prison. american astronaut jeff williams is back on earth after spending the last 169 days in space. williams and another russian astronaut boarded the soyuz capsule and undocked from the international space station earlier this morning. they then traveled back to earth and safely landed in kazakhstan, where helicopters were waiting to take them away. williams will travel to moscow tonight before returning home to the u.s. it's 11:15. let's get an update on the beautiful forecast from tom in
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the storm center. good morning. >> hi. the spring flowers continue to sprout and all around the region we've got glorious sunshine pouring down on the parks and all the recreation areas, getting them heavily populated now, especially with the strollers. they're coming in with toddlers, and the babies going to the parks right now. it is an absolutely delightful morning under y, and the temperatures have warmed up quickly. that was a picture of our skywatcher. there's a view from our city camera. there's capitol hill all lit up with this springtime sunshine that is coming down. right now at reagan national, 58 degrees. it's warmed up seven degrees in the last hour, where the records for march so far showing about an inch and two-thirds of rain, about a half an inch below average. right now on radar scanning the sky, we have no precipitation anywhere around the region. high pressure has moved in, and it was clear, calm overnight, and look how cold it was this morning. we have had a rapid warm-up, down to 41 at washington, was in the mid-30s in prince george's county, actually near freezing
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in montgomery county and parts of fairfax county. closer to the beltway in the mid-30s and arlington and elsewhere across the rest of virginia, it was in many locations at or a little bit below freezing. southern maryland got into the mid-30s, as well. near the bay, it bomb ttomed ou near 40. culpepper up to 63 after they were below freezing this morning. now it's near 60 in prince george's county. arlington, fairfax and montgomery countys, as well. and it's out in the mountains now in the mid-40s, but it was down into the upper 20s there this morning, eastern shore near freezing as well predawn but now they're up to the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. and we have just a few clouds just to our south across southern maryland and the lower eastern shore and the swath across central virginia. otherwise, quite a bit of sunshine all around the region. got some rain now around the outer banks. the environmental film festival is under way in many locations around washington. it runs through march 28th.
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it's free, and to find information about it, d.c. environmental film fest dot-org. wonderful documents and events all about the environment in washington here through the end of the month. here's the wider view showing our environment here, clear and with high pressure just to our north. it's going to be in place here. we'll have that coastal low-pressure system that is now spinning away east of charleston, south carolina. that will continue to move off and sort of stall out a bit around the outer banks for the next day or so, but then by saturday morning it will begin to drift away. we'll have lots of sunshine on saturday, but there's a front that will begin to move in from the midwest that will begin to come our way here but not until sunday afternoon. so, for the rest of this afternoon, sunny and mild with a light breeze out of the northwest as highs climb into the mid and upper 60s. overnight tonight under a clear sky, we'll be right back down into the 50s, sunset today at 7:18. by dawn, near 40 as we start off friday morning. sunrise tomorrow morning 7:13.
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and another sunny day tomorrow. in fact, maybe a tad warmer into the upper 60s, near 70 degrees. then on saturday morning it will be in the mid-40s, afternoon highs near 70, a few clouds around. sunday as that front approaches from the midwest, we'll have increasing clouds. there's a chance of some showers late in the day, perhaps late afternoon into sunday night. and highs before that, though, into the 60s. for the suntrust national marathon sat morning, start time, 7:00, should be in the mid-40s then. lots of sun through the race by noontime into the mid-60s. as we get into monday, does look like a chance of some additional showers and blustery winds and cooler, just in the 50s to near 60. 'well dry out tuesday and wednesday, but it will be more seasonable near the average highs, the upper 50s on both days. that's the way it looks right now. >> we'll enjoy it while we can, tom, thank you. let's get an update on the midday traffic with jerry edwards. it was ugly. how is it now? it depends on where you are. some locations moving along
11:20 am
nicely, others not so much. 395 northbound, the inbound 14th street bridge, at the moment lanes are open with no delay. something we rarely see during the midday. but unfortunately, if you look very carefully under the 14th street bridge on the gw parkway, you can see traffic is stop and go. it's continuing construction up there on the gw parkway just above 395, unfortunately. let's see how we're doing, a little roadwork on 270 northbound up in gaithersburg where the left lane is taken away. plenty of advance notice so that combined with the lighter volume, moving along very nicely. that's how we're doing now. back to you. >> jerry, thank you. still ahead on "news 4 midday," the mother of all mistakes. what the vice president said this time. plus, how elizabeth edwards reacted to a recent interview with john edwards' mistress. and a group of siblings come together to help deliver their baby brother. [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season,
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vice president joe biden had another blunder at the white house event for st. patrick's day. >> his mom lived in long island for ten years or so, god rest her soul, and although -- wait, your mom's still alive. your dad passed. god bless her soul. i got to get this straight. >> the irish leader did not seem to mind, proudly proclaiming biden, quote, one of our own. two california children are being hailed as heroes after helping their mother deliver their brother with the help of a 911 operator. alana sanders was home alone
11:25 am
with her three other children when she went into labor. the kids called 911, and baby joseph was bornn his family's bathroom. the children followed the operator's directions and found yarn to tie to the baby's umbilical cord. the kids still can't believe they helped bring their brother into the world. >> i kind of saw him pop out on the floor, and then he was all had, like, white stuff on his face, and it looked like powder. >> surprising, really. i knew my parents might have more kids one day, but not in the bathroom. >> thanks to his older sisters and brother, baby joseph is perfectly healthy and their parents couldn't be prouder. way to go, kids. coming up in the next half hour on "news 4 midday," how warm will it get this afternoon and how long will this beautiful weather last? tom kierein as all the answers. with the warm weather comes flowers and pollen. we'll look at the differences between the common cold and seasonal allergies. and flooding in the midwest.
11:26 am
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right now on "news 4 midday," a virginia man will soon be executed for the murder of a 16-year-old girl in manassas. paul powell stabbed stacey reed in the heart in 1999 before raping her 14-year-old sister, christy. christy reed survived the attack despe being stabbed in the neck. she will witness powell's execution in jarrett tonight. maryland is cracking down on tax evaders. the comptroller has announced a list of what he calls the top 50 tax scofflaws. collectively they owe nearly $8 million in unpaid tax, penalties, and interest. president obama is about to sign a new $17 billion jobs law
11:30 am
into bill. the act was passed by the senate yesterday. he just signed this right now. this is a live picture. lit give a temporary tax break on payroll taxes to companies that hire the unemployed. the new law could generate some 250,000 jobs by the end of the year. again, these are live pictures from the white house rose garden where the president spoke just before he signed the bill. former president bill clinton has joined forces with former president george w. bush, and on monday they'll head to haiti. the duo is traveling on behalf of the clinton/bush haiti fund, an effort to speed up the nation's earthquake recovery. president obama has asked the two to spearhead a massive fund-raising effort. more than 220,000 people died when the earthquake struck in january. flooding in the midwest from north dakota all the way to missouri. the national weather service says much of the midwest is at high risk for spring flooding because of the melting of the heavy snow pack. right now, the battle is in north dakota and minnesota to hold back the rising red river which is expected to crest above flood stage this weekend.
11:31 am
leanne gregg reports. >> reporter: in fargo and neighboring moorhead, volunteers side by side are in a race against time. they're on pace to finish sandbagging by saturday, one day before the swollen red river is expected to crest 20 feet above flood stage. >> i'm hoping that the crest won't be as high as they predict, but, you know, we're cautiously optimistic that we'll get through this. >> reporter: many who live along the river still have not fully recovered from last year's disaster when the river crested a record 36 feet above flood stage. >> i don't want to be here. >> reporter: helping save her home and this entire community are students who make up the heart of the volunteer corps. they've been excused from class but are still learning a valuable lesson. >> they're working hard, they're serving their neighbor. >> reporter: the students, along with hundreds of adults, have been providing critical
11:32 am
manpower, filling and then placing 1 millio sandbags. >> they are saving our community. they really are. >> reporter: the national weather service says several other communities from north dakota all the way to missouri could also be at high risk of flooding due to heavy snow pack and milder temperatures. in fargo, so far the dikes and ndbags have held, except where a few low-lying areas where some roads are already under water. the coming days will be critical in the fight to stave off widespread flooding. leanne gregg, nbc news. >> water levels in the red river have risen more than 13 inches since midday friday. and they are expected to rise another 6 or 7 inches by early saturday. students in montgomery county won't have to make up all those days of missed school during the blizzards. the state granted the county a five-day waiver. the district already had four snow days built in. the waiver means the schools will not have to make up any of the nine snow days kids got this winter. if there aren't any more
11:33 am
cancellations this year, classes will end as scheduled on june 16th. with all this nice weather comes pollen and spring allergi allergies, but it's sometimes hard to tell the difference between the coughing and sneezing associated with the common cold and those due to allergies. this morning on the "today" show, advice for those already suffering. how can you tell the difference, whether it's allergies or a cold? >> right. it's not always easy. the runny nose and congestion you get for both. but you don't get a fever with allergy. cough is more likely to be a cold as opposed to an allergy and you can tell, if it lasts for a week, it could be a cold, whereas if it's lasting for month, that's an allergy. >> she also suggests checking the pollen count if it is high. doctors suggest changing clothes or even taking a shower after spending time outside. it's a great day to spend outside if you can handle all the allergies. meteorologist tom kierein is in the storm center with another gorgeous forecast. hi, tom. >> hi, eun. the tree pollen count is elevated with the dry weather we've had and the trees beginning to bud.
11:34 am
we have this beautiful blue sky. the parks are populated by preschoolers sliding down the slides and on the teeter-totters and the merry-go-rounds and the swing sets. just a delightful late morning under way. it's continuing to warm up. right now, 58 in washington. it's near 60 all around the region. and it's going to climb into the ummer 60s later on this afternoon. view from space, showing lots of sunshine throughout the entire region except into the carolinas. they have some clouds. germantown now around our neighborhood network, 62 degrees, up from the morning low of 33, almost a 30-degree jump since dawn. meanwhile in springfield, fairfax county, they're now at 61. their morning low was at 38. and the atmosphere is very dry, as well, which is making more of the pollen float in the air. prince george's county now 66. so it's warmed up quickly there. well, as we look at our forecast for the rest of the afternoon, sunny and mild, highs reaching the upper 60s, a light northwesterly breeze, and then clear tonight. we'll have those springtime constellations up in the sky and
11:35 am
we'll have the crescent moon, too, the western sky along with venus, just after sunset. by dawn, near 40 degrees. another delightful day tomorrow with a high near 70 and sunny and saturday, too, up near 70 but increasing clouds sunday. we may get some showers late on sunday that may linger into monday and turn cooler for the first part of next week. that's the way it looks right now, eun. >> all right, tom. thank you. a final check of your midday traffic. jerry edwards has the latest on the road conditions. hi, jerry. hi, eun. pretty tough in nournl at this hour. the springfield interchange, right in the middle of your screen, that's the inner loop exit, the fly-over ramp, if you will, that would take you from the inner loop to go south on i-95. construction on the ramp has traffic on the inner loop pretty well backed up from van dorn street. so be forewarned. out of the loop toward springfield toward the bridge appears to be moving on. south of town, theilson bridge, both the inner and outer
11:36 am
loop right now between alexandria and oxon hill, no worries. travel lanes movg at a good pace over the poe toma. eun, back to you. >> thank you. this morning, vdot is cutting a ribbon on a new bridge in prince william county. the previous crossing was closed due to flooding. the bridge is seven feet higher and it was expanded from four to six lanes to accommodate bicycle and pedestrian lanes. 18 rest stops are now reopened. two are in our area on interstate 66 in manassas and interstate 95 in dale city. all of the remaining rest stops will reopen by april 15th. vdot says it will use its emergency maintenance reserve fund to operate the rest stops through the end of this fiscal year on june 30th. they say they'll figure out funding for the next fiscal year sometime this spring. they're supposed to keep track of move bug they might be doing just the opposite. maryland's governor is looking
11:37 am
at traffic signs along the beltway and baltimore-washington parkway. the messages tell drivers how long it takes to get to another location, but drivers say the signs are a distraction. they say traffic slows down while motorists read the information. governor martin o'malley says he thinks the boards should om be used for emergency messages. there are serious concerns about how safe flea and tick medications are for pets. the environmental protection agency has seen a spike in bad reactions from treatments. pet owners say animals have suffered skin irritations, neurological problems and some reporting deaths. the epa is reviewing those treatments to see if there is any way to make them safer to use. the government has announced new clinical trial that could shave and millions of dollars off the cost of new breast cancer drugs. researches are used that every form of breast cancer is different and that not all drugs work for every woman. that's why under this new trial researches will use genetic
11:38 am
tests to create a treatnt that's specific to each patient. it's personalized medicine that could bring experimental treatments to high-ris women much sooner. >> when you're diagnosed, you need something now. >> they don't have ten years, for the next new drug to come out, and we have all these drugs in the pipeline and we don't have an efficient place or way to test them. >> this trial will cost $26 million and last for five years. the ug companies involved with the trial will also be sharing data. that way, when there is a breakthrough, other manufacturers will have a roadmap for creating more treatments. the fallout continues over the rielle hunter interview. john and elizabeth edwards have been separated since january, and friends and family now tell "people" magazine that elizabeth was just binning to move on when she read hunter's explosive interview on "gq" magazine. nbc's norah o'donnell reports.
11:39 am
the pictures left little to the imagination. john edwards' former mistress, rielle hunter, the mother of their 2-year-old daughter, telling "gq" magazine that i love johnny and i love my daughter more than anything in the world. and aiming her fire at elizabeth edwards, saying the wrath of elizabeth is a mighty wrath. but now the new issue of "people" magazine quotes elizabeth edwards' sister calling hunter delusional, especially regarding hunter's claims that the edwards' marriage was broken long before she became the other woman. whatever she thinks she knows about the marriage she received second hand. it was not a failed message. "people" quotes friends of elizabeth saying she was disgusted by the racy photos of rielle posing with her daughter's toys but that after reading the interview monday morning she still went about her day as usual, stopping by the furniture store she now runs in chapel hill, north carolina, and taking her two youngest children to a soccer game. >> drop this leg over.
11:40 am
>> for her par, hunter told barbara walters she herself found the pictures repulsive. >> well, if that was the case, then why did you pose the way you did? she said she trusted mark selliger, who she said is a brilliant photographer, and she, quote, i went with the flow. >> as for hunter's claims to "gq" about john edwards that we love each other very much, "people" quotes an unnamed edwards friend calling that a total fantasy. "people" also reports that john edwards and hunter talk on the phone about 2-year-old frances quinn but do not see each other in person. >> thank you all very much. >> thank you all. >> as for john and elizabeth edwards, "people" reports that john has moved out of their chapel hill mansion and that the two have cordial relations. >> that was norah o'donnell reporting. edwards' former aid, andrew young, just signed with a top hollywood agent, ari emanuel, the brother of rahm emanuel. young wants to turn the best-selling book into a movie.
11:41 am
11:40 is your time. still ahead on "news 4 midday," investors are hoping for the dow to finish higher fn an eighth straight day. we'll have a check of the midday markets. and we'll get you ready for the weekend and spring including a look at what the nationals have to offer this season.
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11:43 am
the suntrust national marathon takes place saturday in the district and as it approaches, runners are going fluthrough final preparations. as news 4 reports, a local wedding club is helping
11:44 am
first-time marathoners get on their feet. >> reporter: there are many rps for wanting to push your body to the limit and run a marathon. >> i hav a lot of kids and all of them are in track. i'm trying to be an example. >> reporter: running 26.2 miles takes more than just showing up. >> we started out in november with eight miles and took it up every couple miles every couple weeks and then pretty soon this past month we got up to 20. >> reporter: lisa haney is part of the nearly 1,500 runners training with the d.c. roadrunners club. >> i don't think we have anybody that's going to try to win the race in this group. most of the people here are just looking to finish their first marathon and that's a goal unto itself. >> reporter: to get the first timers across the finish line, coaches make sure they're physically prepared and mentally have a game plan to conquer the course. >> when the marathon starts there's an oklahoma land rush. everybody's excited. they take off. and you do not want to get sucked into that. >> reporter: the marathon has
11:45 am
continued to grow in size every year and many say the attraction is running through the streets of d.c. >> gorgeous. the north capital street, the capitol dome, sun coming up. >> i've lived in d.c. my entire life. i live in anacostia right now. when we get to that part of town, it will be a big lift. >> reporter: in the last three miles they'll need all the support they can get. news 4. and news 4's exclusive broadcast partner of the nation that will marathon. you can see the start of the race at 7:00 saturday morning. coverage of the race will continue on "weekend today" before our national marathon special begins in the 9:00 hour. we will also stream the race live on where you can find information about street closures and the best spots for spectators. new troubles for toyota this morning. now the carmaker is trying to fix a glitch in more than 1 million cars that can cause the engines stall. the problem affects corolla and
11:46 am
matrix models from 2005 to 2007. it also impacts the pontiac vibe. toyota says the computer problem can make the engine suddenly shut down, but the carmaker says the glitch is not an unreasonable risk to safety. this latest glitch comes as toyota tries to fix dangerous cards that suddenly accelerate to dramatic speeds on their own. toyota is questioning a california man's story that he could not stop his prius as it flew along the highway at 0 miles an hour. the driver, james seitz, seemed to be in shock when his car finally came to a stop. they say he was clearly shaking and that slowly dissipated after some time. the report said, it continues, his eyes were open wide and had the look of somebody who was really scared from the situation. his voice was labored and shaky, as well. he also stated that he would never drive that prius again. toyota has stopped short of calling the runaway prius story a fabrication, but the carmaker
11:47 am
says it tests could not duplicate the problem. >> a quick look at the markets mow. markets began the day mixed. the dow has closed higher for the past seven trading days. investors have the latest jobs numbers this morning. the number of those newly laid off requesting new benefits fell slightly for the third straight time. new unemployment claims dropped by 5,000. he pulled off the biggest fraud in wall street history. now we learn bernie madoff could be getting rough treatment in prison. he was attacked by another inmate at the north carolina prison where he is serving a 150-year sentence. according to "the wall street journal," another felon says madoff suffered a broken nose, fractured ribs and cuts to his head and face. the felon says madoff was attacked by a prisoner who thought madoff owed him money. pris officials are not commenting on the latest report. this week's "wednesday's child" may not be able to speak, but she proves every day that she ha feelings. it would be wonderful if her permanent family came forward to share their feelings and love
11:48 am
with her. here's barbara harrison with lilianna. >> hi, lilianna. i'm so happy to meet you. >> lilianna has a speech device and she's all ready to talk to you. >> reporter: lilianna is one of the most beloved students in her school. in spite of the chances of cerebral palsy, she proves every day she wants to communicate and is learning how to express herself using a special kweise device that allows her to push a button to say what she wants. how old are you, lilianna? >> i'm 13. >> you're 13. wow. you're a teenager. >> tell us the kind of things you like to do for fun. >> i like to do lots of things. i like to talk to people and i really like to go shopping. >> reporter: lilianna has quite a sense of humor and smiles often. those who know her say she would be a delight to a family. she's been in foster care since infancy. >> we're looking far family that will provide lilianna with love and the quality of life that she
11:49 am
deserves. >> reporter: lilianna has discovered with her teachers' help that she has a real gift for expressing herself through art. she loves bright colors. thank you. thank you. lilianna presented me with a special note. for my new friend, barbara harrison. and with it an ornament that she painted herself. wow. that's beautiful. that's so beautiful. thank you so much. there was also a beautiful painting she and her class had done together. and what is lilianna's potential? >> it's tough to say. i thk that when a child is in a loving family the potential is limitless. you know, their self-esteem is enhanced, they feel loved, feel part of the family. and i think that with those ingredients, anything is possible. >> barbara harrison, news 4 for
11:50 am
"wednesday's child." if you have room in your home and heart for a child who is waiting, please call our special adoption hotline. the number is 1-888-to-adopt-me. or logon to our home page. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. beautiful blue sky and bright sunshine. how much longer is this going to last? i'll have my forecast. [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season,
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we are looking ahead to the weekend withly vania from "the washington post." great to see you. >> great to be back. >> sure sign of spring is baseball. let's talk nats. >> the nationals aren't going to throw out the first pitch of the season until april 5th, but you want to get in the mood for baseball, the national parks tour is a great way to get
11:54 am
behind the dugout, get into the places you can't ever see during the season. some of the places it takes you include the locker room, which is a rare -- a really rare thing for people to do, and also you can throw a pitch fm the bull pen. >> sounds like a lot of fun. >> fst a lot of fun. it's $15 for adults and free for children 2 to 12 so it's a great opportunity to take the whole family out and not break the bank doing it. >> you can do it on weekends? >> it is held several times during the week and yes on weekends occasionally. go to and find out more about this. >> definitely look that one up. and inside the national history museum, a new evolution hall. tell me about that. >> the hall of human origins cost $20 million to build. it took four years. >> wow. >> but it was really a project that was 60 million years in the making. >> wow. >> the exhibition hall includes skulls, footprints, things that really will trace back the origins of man.
11:55 am
and if you're not into, like, the details of science, there are lots of interactive and fun thingso do. you can have your picture the taken and see what you look like as an early man. there are lots of fun things to do for children, as well, and it's entirely free. and it's open today, but really it's going to open for full hours from 10:00 a.m. to about 5:30 p.m. beginning tomorrow. >> sounds good for all the family. i love all the museums and the fact they're free. a weekend full of activities to celebrate stephen sondheim's 80th birthday. is that true? >> they're in the middle of a sondheim musical, "sweeney todd. "he's such a prolific composer, this is a celebration that's going on for two days. on saturday and sunday, there will be film screenings, performances of his music. at signature theater. also lots of discussions. if you're a musical geek, this is a great opportunity to go down. again, it's entirely free. >> sounds like fun, as well.
11:56 am
it's going to be hard to stay indoors, though, this weekend, because of the beautiful weather. get out there. >> thank you. >> logon to the around town section of or go to the going-out guide on we are working on several new stories. first at 4:00 p.m., the struggle to be thin. is it worth it? we'll break down the answers to the questions, can fat be fit? claiming to tone and sculpt your body in ten workouts but does it really do that? liz crenshaw puts it to the test at 5:00. those stories and more starting at 4:00 p.m. tom kierein is in the storm center. hi, eun. another delightful spring training day on the way. blue sky from washington, live picture from the skywatcher camera at this hour. temperatures are into the low 60s around much of the region. it's going to continue to climb this afternoon as high pressure
11:57 am
moves in, and we have a mostly clear sky now across most of the region. there are a few clouds with some showers around the outer banks. german town now around our neighborhood network is at 63. that's a 30-degree jump from the morning low. and for the rest of the afternoon, sunny and mild, a light breeze out of the northwest as highs reach the mid and upper 60s. overnight tonight should be clear. we'll have the crescent moon and venus just after sunset in the western sky. sunset at 7:18. and we'll be into the low 50s by midnight and near 40 by dawn on thursday. sunrise at 7 left-hand 13 and another sunny day on friday. saturday, morning lows, mid-40s, good weather for the suntrust national marathon on saturday morning, afternoon highs near 70, increasing clouds sunday, could get some showers late in the day, highs in the 60s. before that, maybe lingering showers on monday and a blustery wind turning cooler next week, but we dry out with the sunshine back on tuesday and wednesday. see you tomorrow morning, eun. >> thanks, tom.
11:58 am
see you tomorrow. well, apparently, no one ever told these people not to play with their food. this group of talented musicians from austria has mastered the art of making music using only vegetables. members of the veggie orchestra, as they're called have spent the last 12 years making music using 50 different types of food. they perform all over the world. no word on what happens to the food after the performances. we're guessing salad or stir fry. thanks for joinings.
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